Sturgeon River Kayak Adventures

Sturgeon River Trips

Our Sturgeon River Kayaking and Canoing Adventures:

  1. Wolverine to Rondo Road – Our Most Popular Sturgeon River Trip.
    1 hour 40 minutes to 2 hours paddling time
    $40 per single person kayak, $50 per 2 person canoe or tandem ($25 each)
  2. Wolverine to South White Road
    2 1/2 to 3 hours paddling time $45 per kayak. $50 per canoe ($25 per person)
  3. Wolverine to Fisher Woods
    3 1/2 to 4 hours paddling time $45 per kayak, $50 per canoe
  4. Wolverine to Burt Lake
    4 1/2 to 6 hours paddling time $50 per kayak, $50 per canoe
  5. Trowbridge Rd South of Wolverine to Rhondo
    2 to 2 1/2 hours paddling time – $50 per kayak, $50 per canoe
  6. Trowbridge to South White, Fisher Woods or Burt Lake
    4 to 7 hours paddling time – $50 per kayak, $50 per canoe
  7. South White to Fisher Woods or Burt Lake
    3 to 4 hours paddling time – $45 per kayak, $50 per canoe

Take a kayaking paddle adventure on The Sturgeon River with BrassWind Landing. The Sturgeon River is the fastest moving river in  Northern Lower Michigan.  It is rated a Class I-II river.  A kayaking adventure on the Sturgeon River offers many opportunities for thrills and chills since it is a spring fed river with temperatures running between 42 and 52 degrees.

Come tame the dragon on this fast water kayaking or canoeing river trip. The Sturgeon River sections that we run river trips on are from just south of Wolverine, Michigan to Indian River, Michigan. It is a technical river with many turns and natural log jams along the way, low branches along the shore and in the cedar forest with some trees to paddle over or under as well as bridges to go under. There are a couple of areas where the water changes levels as well. A Sturgeon River paddle can be quite an adventure. This trip is fun paddling by confident paddlers who have kayaked before or  for beginners to intermediate paddlers looking for excitement. We have a quiet water trip from Burt Lake to Mullett Lake on the Inland Waterway and Indian River for a more relaxing lake and river trip adventure visit our Indian River Trip page click here.  We plan custom trips in higher end kayaks so we can pick out the kayak or river trip that is right for your level of paddling. Scroll down to enjoy our Gallery of Sturgeon River Trips Images Below.

We offer several different types of kayaks for rent for the kayaking river trips including the Liquid Logic Remix XP 10, the Remix XP9 and the Liquid Logic Coupe, Deuce Coupe, the Paluski Spirit  and the Liquid logic Inuit 12.5. With these creek river hybrid kayaks, many with a drop down skeg (kind of like a small fin) built in to help you track straight or paddle out of a troublesome curve or log jammed area, we have a low tip over rate of about 25%.  If you are paying attention when we give instructions for handling the boats and the river, and if you are paying attention of what is coming up ahead on the river, you may not even tip over!  We also rent FastWater poly Canoes. We have four, 16′, 2 person canoes in our fleet.

If you do decide to paddle the beautiful and exciting Sturgeon River you should consider that you may tip over.  If you like an adventure or at least consider it a good story then this is the river for you. I promise you will probably lose your hat if you do! Water shoes are highly recommended on this trip. No Flip Flops.  We sell some good basic, drawstring,  water shoes for $10. We also suggest you have a floating eyeglass holder to protect your prescription glasses or sunglasses. We sell colorful Bobberz floating sunglass holders for your glasses for $3.



We  offer lessons and guided trips on the Sturgeon River for the beginner, intermediate and the advanced paddler with River Guide Rick Meisterheim. Read more  about lessons click here.

For Rental Rates and more information about our fleet, please visit our Kayak, Canoe & Paddleboard Rentals Rates Page.

We are conveniently located off I75 at exit 310 which is a reasonable drive from Sault Ste. Marie, Mackinaw City, Petoskey, Cheboygan and Gaylord. Indian River is a great destination to add to your Northern Michigan Getaway Vacation!

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