Stand Up Paddle Board - SUP Rentals Indian River Michigan

Stand Up Paddle Boards – SUP – Rentals Burt Lake
SUP Indian River on the Inland Waterway Northern Michigan

Stand Up Paddleboards, also known as a SUP, are becoming more and more popular. They provide a great core work out if paddled with proper technique and build core strength while you are having fun on the water!  The Inland Waterway including Burt Lake, Mullett Lake, and the Indian River * provides a  great place for stand up paddle boards adventures.

Stand Up Paddle Board – SUP Rental Rates at Beach* 3 or 6 Hours

Delivered to the DeVoe Beach on Burt Lake near Veterans Pier & the Indian River
6 Hour Rentals can be Delivered to Burt Lake State Park.
Includes Boat or Board, PFD & Paddle.

  1. Morning Rental 10:30am to 1:30pm. 3 Hours $30.00. 2 person tandem kayak $40.
  2. Afternoon Rental 1:30pm to 4:30pm. 3 hours $30.00. 2 person tandem kayak $40.
  3. Day Rental 10:00 to 4:00pm 6 Hours $50.00 2 person tandem kayak $65.00

Start at the Beach, stay in the swimming area or explore the shores of Burt Lake. Paddle in the sandy-bottomed swim area or out to the Point to the South West by the Sturgeon River and on over to the State Park. Or you can paddle up the sandy East Shoreline of Burt Lake to go rock Hunting near the Seven Sisters Preserve. You also can paddle down the Indian River. Note: It takes about twice as long to paddle back up against the river current as it does to go down with the river current.* If it’s calm on the lake you can also paddle into the Sturgeon River for about 1/4 of a mile against the strong current and then scoot back out with the current onto the lake which is great fun.

Indian River Trip = $35 DeVoe Beach on Burt Lake to Mullett Lake Spreads  2 – 2 1/2 hour paddle.  Read more about this trip on our Indian River Adventure Page – click here.

*Please note that during July and August the Indian River is best paddled early to mid morning or late afternoon due the large amount of power boat traffic. Mornings on the lake are more calm, before the waves on the lake increase from due to wind or boat traffic. Waves can be fun too though! Most paddleboards plane on the waves and the wind makes for a fun ride back to shore.

Beach Kayak or SUP Rental

Liability Release Forms

Save time on rental day by printing and signing our liability release forms and bring them with you. To download our liability release forms visit our Downloads Page –  click here. If you book online the waiver will be emailed to you.

Multiple Day SUP Rentals

Daily and Multiple Day Rates for 1 Paddle Board*

24 Hour Rental $70
2 Day Rental $110 ($55 per day)
3 Day Rental $150 ($50 per day)
4 Day Rental $180 ($40 per day)
5 Day Rental $200 ($40 per day)
6 Day Rental $225 ($37.50 per day)
7 Day Rental $245 ($35.00 per day)

Delivery Options
8am to 9am day of rental or 6pm to 8pm night before.
In booking system please Choose 8:00AM delivery for day rental starts or 6:00PM for delivery the night before.*** This means if you were renting for July 2nd with delivery after 6pm on July 1 you should be booking your rental starting July 1st.

Delivery Fees:
Free up to 10 Miles for 24 Hour plus rentals
11 to 15 Miles $15
16 to 20 Miles $20
21 to 25 Miles $25

*Multiple Board rentals based on availability with regard to our other bookings. Delivery to cottages or homes for multiple day rentals is free within 10 Miles. 24 Hour rentals free delivery up to 5 miles away. Daily and multiple day rentals rates for kayaks is the same as for paddle boards.

Rental Rates Sheet – Click Here to View or Download

1. The  Imagine Surf Surfers at 9′-9″ can carry up to 300 lbs. the surfer is wide and stable. 2 Available.

2. The Speeder is a downwind board (The speeder has a seat that you can flip up to use paddle like a kayak so it’s good for windy days too). Made in USA. 1 Available.

2. The Versa Boards:  Are 13′ -2′  and are made by Liquid Logic.  Made in USA. They have a stadium style seat that folds up or down. They can carry multiple people, your dog or your kids. The Versa Boards also has spin cast rod holders for fishing. You can stand or sit on the Versa Boards and can fit kids or a dog on the Versa Boards with you. These are great for windy days too.  1 Available (2nd one is being repaired at present or replaced later this season).

3. Bounce SUP Thermal Composite SUPS  Made in USA.  10′-6″ and an 11″ traditional surf style SUPS. For more info and pictures from Stand Up Paddle Board trips and rentals click here. 2 Available.

4. Splash Epoxy SUP – Light Weight High Performance – 10-6″ 19 Pounds. Available for a premium experience.  Rentals of this board is based on location and conditions regarding rocks and docks and may be based on experience or type of paddlers. 3 available.

6. Youth SUP by Matuli – 9′ Stand Up Paddle Board for kids. Furn Bright Green Board helps give pre-teens and kids a better experience with a board more their size.  Yet still has same great performance and style of a full size paddle board. Soft top over epoxy. Lightweight, easier for anyone 5′ and under to paddle. 1 Available.

7. Youth SUP Pelican Vibe – 8′ Stand Up Paddle Board for kids. Indestructible polyethylene (like a kayak is made).  1 Available.

8. North 2 SUP – 11’4″ – Built for all sizes of paddlers between 100-250+ lbs. Virtually ding proof, the board is constructed like a traditional epoxy fiberglass paddle board, but then wrapped in an ABS thermo-mold plastic shell.

Yoga on paddleboards sound fun? Please read more  on our SUP Yoga page – click here.