Spring Break Florida?

5 Feb

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Join Certified PaddleFit Pro Coach, Sheree Lincoln for a paddle adventure in Florida this spring during your Spring Break!  Sheree has added a World Paddle Association certification to her certifications.  She now has a WPA Level II certification as a paddleboard instructor for general SUP Fun and Safety. She is also able to certify other paddle board instructors for WPA Level I.  Have you ever want to be able to teach an intro to paddleboarding class?

Richard and Sheree have started a new company along with fellow PaddleFit Coach, Michael Capuzzi. The new company is called Sea Dog Paddle LLC, a Florida based company.  Sea Dog Paddle LLC will be offering World Paddle Travel Adventures and Sea Dog Eco Tours will be offering paddleboard eco tours, SUP yoga classes, SUP cardio classes, lessons, and more in Fort Myers Beach Florida.

Learn more about eco tours in Florida at www.seadogecotours.com
Learn more about our World Adventure Travels at www.seadogpaddle.com

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