Our Companies

Businesses at BrassWind Landing, Indian River, Michigan

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BrassWind Landing is a big old building that has been totally renovated to like new. We thought we need a few companies to fill it up. No, really. LOL.  Seriously, it makes it easier to explain what all we have going on at 6240 Mack Ave if we describe each area by name. It started out that the companies were all BrassWind this and BrassWind that. We decided that was boring after a while and through in Innovative Septic Solutions just for fun. No, not really. What really happened is that Co-Owner Richard Lincoln, a retired Biologist and Food Scientist came out of semi-retirement when we installed an alternative septic system for our building. I am sure that many of you understand that retirement never seems to be just retirement because as you know we are already running a kayak rental in our “retirement”. the BrassWind name is because co-owner Richard Lincoln is a trumpet player. His sailboat was named Brass Wind. Our first art Gallery in Fremont, Michigan was called the BrassWind Gallery. In 2011 we “retired” to Indian River where there is water water everywhere. It’s all about more time on the water. It’s easy to be engaged in the moment when you are out on the water. Come play with us! Take an adventure.

The BrassWind Landing Companies are:

  • BrassWind Landing Boat Rental LLC – Kayak, Canoe & Paddleboard Rentals
  • Arts & Adventure Paddlesports Store – a DBA of BrassWind Landing Boat Rental LLC
  • BrassWind Gallery – Art and Unique Gifts
  • BrassWind Designs – Web & Graphic Design Company
  • BrassWind BoatWorks – Wood Boat Building
  • Innovative Septic Solutions – Authorized SludgeHammer Dealer
  • Sea Dog Eco Tours – Paddle Board Adventure in Fort Myers Beach Florida
  • Sea Dog Paddle LLC – World Travel Adventure