Kayaking Lessons

Kayak Lessons & Instruction Classes

We offer paddling tips with every rental. It can be valuable to learn more by paddling with a pro an taking a lesson. River Guide & Kayak Instructor Rick Meisterheim is available for guided trips or lessons.  Call Sheree, From BrassWind Landing at 231-238-4843 to request a lesson time.

Kayaking Lessons – By appointment .

  • Beginner Kayak Paddling Lessons
    Kayaking and basic paddling  and safe handling of a kayak. Lessons take place in the shallow water at  beautiful DeVoe Beach in  Indian River, MI.
  • Intermediate Kayak & Paddling Lessons
    Intermediate kayaking lessons with more advanced paddling and technique instructions. In this lesson you will venture out farther on Burt Lake and head down Indian River to enhance our skills. More experienced paddlers can start out with lessons on the Sturgeon River.
  • Advanced Kayaking Lessons – Sturgeon River Trip Once you have advanced to this level it’s time to take to the river and tame the dragon. The Sturgeon River is the fastest river in Northern Lower Michigan. It has many twists and turns, log jams and low brush. Take your first trip on the river with your instructor where you can learn some techniques to keep you upright, make your Sturgeon River Trip more enjoyable and allow you to add in some of the more fun paddling techniques on this technical river.
  • Lessons are $35 to $50  per person per hour  –  depending on how many in the lesson group. 1 Person $75, 2 or more $35 each.