Stand Up Paddle Boards Made in the USA for Sale

Stand Up Paddle Boards Made in USA For Sale – New
Make a Splash Made for The Mitten and Great Lakes Waters!

Make A Splash With this light weight 19lb Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP). Made in the USA Stand Up Paddle Board Resin Tint Custom Graphics says made in USA for Great Lakes waters on the back with a map of the great lakes and a cool Great Turtle Graphic across bottom of underside of the board. Easy for anyone to carry or put up on top of the car or trailer.

White on bow so you never have to worry about scratches in from your paddle and the color on the rest of the board in shades of blue goes all the way through the resin. Better than gel coat. Resin tint will not get nicked or scratched.

Lightest weight board for superior performance. This board also has curved rails to let air and water flow up and over board for less effect by waves or wind. Paddle down the river quickly and smoothly and is an easier paddle back up river than with heavier boards. You can surf the waves with it. It has enough rocker to handle chop on the lakes.

BrassWind Landing has teamed up with Heath VanBogaert for this Made in America SUP custom board originally designed for the backwater of Florida and now tweaked for Michigan’s rivers, lakes and all Great Lakes Waters.

A great all-around board with a rounded nose, the Backwater’s classic mid-century longboard template is stylish, stable and incredibly versatile. A great glider and wave catcher. Only 4 available. Reserve yours now and enjoy it all summer.

Specs: Length: 10′ 5.7″ • Width: 32.3″ • Volume: 184.7 l • Thickness: 4.5″ • Weight: 19lbs • Made: USA

Delivery free within 10 miles.

At Bogaert Boards, they approach design and ornamentation the same way we approach board building – like they are creating a work of art. Each one is unique and done by hand.

Balancing strength and weight is a pretty significant challenge when you’re building an 10 to 14-foot standup paddle board. To meet it, we build our boards on a lightweight, American-made foam platform – and finish them with a unique cloth overlay pattern that delivers exceptional rigidity and rail strength. Which results in better maneuverability both in – and getting to – the water. These boards are hand crafted and made in the USA. They are a unique resin that incorporates subtle pigmentation designed to block harmful ultraviolet radiation. The result? Less sun damage.  Longer board life. And more great days on the water. Other sizes and designs available including race boards.

Basic Board comes with Single Fin, Deck Pad and deck attachment for leash. Bogart’s Turtle logo, made in USA for Great Lakes Waters with Michigan Map.

Stop in our shop and try before you buy.  Shop in store or pre-order online for local pick up. Click here to see or purchase this item in our online store.

Upgrades: Custom Graphics and custom color board available by order. Go Pro deck attachment, deck net, side fins (side bites), custom deck graphics, custom paint design.

We also sell Bounce Thermal Composite Made in America SUPS.  At Bounce SUP® they design, engineer and manufacture seriously durable stand up paddle boards. The Bounce  SUP® patented process allows them to create thermoplastic composites that are durable, without sacrificing weight and performance.

The 11′ Multi-Purpose SUP is built big for more stability, this board is great for larger and more novice riders. Larger riders will enjoy small surf as well as whitewater performance while novice riders will enjoy an extremely stable ride. Plenty of room for yoga, kids, and dogs! Plus Bounce Technology allows for plenty of bumps without bruises. Also available in 10′-6″ and an 11′-4″ displacement design.

Specs: Length: 11′ Width: 33″ Thickness: 4.5 Volume: 215L Weight: 32lb

R Handle: LiftSUP Leash Plug: CONNEXSUP (nose/tail/center) Tie Downs: 2 tie downs

New this year is an entry level and durable stand up paddle board from Sun Dolphin. The Ahala is thermo-formed polyethylene stand up paddle board. Made from kayak material sheeting and formed in to a durable paddle board. The Ahala is made in Michigan at KT Industries and comes in 10′-5 and 11′-5 lengths. This SUP features tunnels on the under hull to help it track better and move along nicely.