Northern Michigan Paddlesports Rental Rates

Kayak – Canoe- Paddleboard – SUP Rental Rates

Start your day paddling on the local lakes and rivers around Indian River, MI just 35 miles south of the Mackinac Bridge in the Straits area of Northern Lower Michigan. BrassWind Landing is located  off exit 310 of I75. For River Trips, Eco Tours and Kayak lessons, our courtesy van will deliver you and the rental kayak to the starting location and pick you up and at the end of your trip.  For daily rentals at your home, cottage or cabin delivery is free within 15 Miles. All our trips are custom trips. Our trip schedule varies but generally we have morning trips, mid-day trips and afternoon trips with custom kayak trips, such as full moon paddles and winter kayaking as well. We also offer guided trips and lessons for kayaking, canoeing and paddle boards. Please scroll down for our rates and pictures of some of the boats in our rental fleet.  Thank you!

Please note: reservations are helpful for planning our trips since all of our trips our custom. We usually run morning trips and afternoon trips. Walk-ins are welcome however please keep in mind that Wolverine is 12 miles away so you may have to wait a short time for the next available river trip if we are already delivering boats the the Sturgeon River. We are open Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00am to 5:00pm. We offer earlier and later custom trips by reservation including sunset trips, full moon trips, 4th of July fireworks expeditions and the full inland waterway. We also can help transport your kayaks on our regularly schedule route. Please read more on our Spotting and Transport Page – click here. Larger group and Inland Waterway transports can be arranged with transport fee to be set based on route.

Rentals Rates**


2 Hour (At DeVoe Beach Only) $25 $40 $25 $35
4 Hours $40 $50 $40 $50
Each Additional Hour $15 $15 $15 $15
Day Rate ( 8 Hours – 10am to 6pm) $60 $75 $60 $75
24 Hours (Full Day) $70 $90 $70 $100
2 Days $120 $150 $120
3 Days $150 $165 $150
4 Days $180 $195 $180
5 Days $210 $235 $210
6 Days $225 $240 $225
7 Days $245 $245 $250
**Signed Liability Release Form Required.
 ***Tandem Deuce Coupe add $10.

Indian River Trips & Burt Lake Adventures

Your adventure starts at the sandy beach at DeVoe Beach 3 blocks West of the Village of Indian River on beautiful Burt Lake. Your paddling starts out onto Burt Lake and then you head around the channel pier and down the Indian River to the old Township Park and continue on down the Indian River Spreads at the southern end of  Mullett Lake where our courtesy car will pick you up at a private estate. We also can pick you up in Topinabee.
$35 per kayak or SUP. $50 per canoefor details visit Indian River Trips Page – click here.

Sturgeon River Trips  & Adventures

Your Adventure starts on the Sturgeon River based on your paddling ability and experience. This is a  very beautiful and fast challenging river with lots of turns, low trees, and there can be log jams to avoid, some rippling white water and a water drop in one area of the river. If you get stuck along side a long jam the current can tip you over. We use Liquid Logic Kayaks built for this type of river. They have a skeg that will help keep you straight on the river and moving forward.  The water is between 45 and 55 degrees -so it is a bit more than refreshing if you were to tip over. This is not a lazy float; if you desire a quiet water trip then the Indian River is a better choice for you.
$40 to $50for details visit Sturgeon River Trip Page – click here.

Burt Lake Rentals

Start at DeVoe Beach on Burt Lake and paddle the shoreline for 2 hours. You can also head down the Indian River a ways and paddle back up, explore the end of the Sturgeon River (wind permitting) or just enjoy paddling on the lake. We have canoes, kayaks and paddleboards for this trip.  Our 12.5 Inuit Sea Kayak, Marvel 10 or Marvel 12, Ultimate Angler Fishing Kayak, Paluski Spirit kayak, a variety of paddle boards including the Versa Board Stand on top. We put the kayaks in at DeVoe Beach (also known as City Beach), on Burt Lake,  just 3 to 4 short blocks from BrassWind Landing.
2 Hour Rental on Burt Lake – $25 per kayak or SUP, $40 per canoe, $35 Premium SUP or Wood Kayak Rental.

Our Rental Fleet:

Kayaks, Paddleboards & Canoes For Rent & River Trips:

  • We rent blow blow molded kayaks manufactured by Liquid Logic, Native Watercraft and Paluski. We have sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks with 1 tandem sit on top kayak.
  • Stand-on-top or stand up paddle boards (SUP). Our rental program for paddleboards includes 2 of the  Imagine Surf Surfers at 9′-9″ can carry up to 300 lbs., 2  Pau Hana Malibus 10′ – 8″,  a 10′ Dolsey Tuna Fiberglass paddleboards and 2 of the 13′ -2′ Versa Boards from Liquid Logic. One of the Versa Boards also has spin cast rod holders for fishing. You can stand or sit on the Versa Boards and can fit kids or a dog on the Versa Boards with you. We also have a premium paddleboard rental which is a 11-4″ Epoxy Bamboo Board called the Bam Bam by Dolsey Surf.
  • We rent Native Watercraft single sit in kayaks including sea kayaks. The Inuits and the Marvel.
  • Fishing Kayaks – the 12’5″ Ultimate Angler, by Native Watercraft,   is set up with spin cast rod holders and a trolley anchor system. This is one of the most popular boats with fishing guides.
  • We also rent a custom wood kayak with more wood boats to be built later this season.
  • Canoes – Yes! We have 4 Paluski Fastwater 16′ Canoes. Each Canoe seats 2 people with room in the middle for a small child.
  • We currently do not rent power boats or powered watercraft, sailboats  or paddle boats (we DO have paddle boards or SUP)


Kids & PaddlesportsChildren from the age of 10 and up may be in their own kayak during the Indian River Trips depending on the their height, weight and ability to paddle for 2 hours. We have had children as young as 4 go along with parents in a sit on top, canoe or in the 12.5 Ultimate Angler fishing kayak for example. Kayaking on calm days is possible on the Indian River, on the Indian River Spreads just before the river enters Mullett Lake, and on Burt Lake where the water remains shallow for a long time. Paddleboards, especially the 13′-2″ Versa Board from Liquid Logic, are great for a parent and child together, even to smaller children. The Sturgeon River can be hazardous and kids under the age of 10 are generally not able to take that trip with us.paddle board - imageDeVoe Beach or City Beach on Burt Lake it is a great place to rent a kayak, or stand up paddle board (SUP) for families with young children. You can rent for 2 hours for $25, 4 hours for $40.  Parents can feel comfortable here watching their kids learn to maneuver the boats because the water is very shallow for a great distance from shore and the swimming area goes out along way as well. Often parents rent the tandem sit on top Deuce Coupe and take the younger child with them. We have planned trips where 1 child will paddle a single kayak for a while and the other sibling will go in the tandem with the parent or an older sibling, then at some point int he trip they can switch boats. In this way no one gets too tired out. They also get to try 2 different types of boats. All of our kayak trips are custom and we decide the best scenario once we have met the children and their parents because physical ability and maturity level may vary. Please feel free to call ahead with questions about kayaking with young children.[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] Kayak, Canoe & Paddle Board SUP