Mackinaw Watercraft Visits

29 Jul

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Allen Deming wood boat builder and owner of Mackinaw Watercraft stopped by with 5 of his custom wood boats on a specially adapted truck bed on his way to art & craftsmanship show in East Jordan last month.  At BrassWind Landing, we will be  featuring custom wood strip kayaks and canoes from fine wood boat builder Allen Deming of Mackinaw Watercraft. Allen is building a very special strip canoe with inlaid trim to be displayed in our kayak showroom when we open later in August. Mackinaw Watercraft, like BrassWind BoatWorks,  is a custom boat works dedicated to creating unique treasures that enhance the outdoor experience and inspire a closer relationship to nature. Mackinaw Watercraft specializes in designing and producing custom wooden kayaks, canoes and paddles for use in both large and small waters. BrassWind BoatWorks specializes in building custom wooden kayaks and skiffs.

Here are some pictures of Mackinaw Watercraft’s fine wood kayaks and canoes.

Kayaks Arrived!!!!

19 May

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Our 2011 Liquid Logic and NAtive Watercraft Kayaks arrived for BrassWind Landing Boat Rental and for retail sales in our Showroom. The showroom is still under construction however we can sell boats by appointment . We hope to have the Kayak livery open for renting kayaks by Memorial Weekend and the first week of June at the latest. Call us with any questions or requests. Sheree Lincoln at 231-335-7278 or Richard Lincoln at 231-753-8029.

We are very excited about our new Adventure in the Village of Indian River. The REmix XP’s are hot!!! Pictures soon.

PS: The Bending Branches paddles arrived a while back so we are all set on having paddles for sale too.  The Stohlquist PFD’s life vests arrive next week.