Kayak Derby on Ice

20 Jan

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1st Annual Winterfest Kayak Race

Where: Winterfest 2013 in Indian River, Michigan.  BrassWind Landing sponsored  a Kayak Derby on Ice on Saturday at 5PM – just after the Firefighter’s broom ball tournament.


How the Kayak Derby is Run

3 Participants – 1 person  in the kayak at all times. 1 person on the bow helping to steer and possibly pull. 1 person on the stern pushing.

Race is from one end of the Cooperation Ice Rink to the other. Whoever gets their first wins first place, followed by 2nd place etc…

kayak-ice-derby-winterfest - image

Race Day Winterfest 2013. The Indian River Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Team is getting their technique down.


Kayaks On Ice Derby

Test Run week prior to the race. Photo by Scott Swanson – The Resorter


The Derby Rules

The kayak needs to remain on the ice at all times (You may NOT pick up the kayak or either end up so NOT LIKE Lincoln, Sheree and Crystal did in the test run  IN THE SMALL PICTURE – we did not have ice that day and it was the only way we could get the boat to go. See the big picture with the Team from Indian River Physical Therapy for the proper kayak and team placement. Check out the 2013 You Tube Video embedded above or click here to visit our the BrassWind Landing Tube Channel)
Please be careful out there, Wear knee pads if you have them!
3. NO cleats or spikes on your boots. This is suppose to be a silly race, where it is hard to control the kayak.
4. You may tie ropes on either end so that you do not have to bend over to push or pull.
5. You may take a paddle with you if it makes you feel better 🙂

The Derby Trophy

Half of a white bladed kayak paddle. Names of Winning Team to be written on the Paddle each year. Kayak paddle will be on display at BrassWind Landing and or the Indian River Chamber of Commerce all year.

Small wooden Kayak silhouette “trophies” for participating members in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams.


Paddle with the Pros Event

21 Jul

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Today is Sunday July 22nd, 2012 and we will be at DeVoe Beach on Burt Lake most of the day for our Kayak Symposium and Paddle with the pros event.  The event starts after the Kayak Bike Biathlon which ends at noon. You can read more about it click here.


We will have a few paddleboards and select kayaks at the beach that will also be available for rent for 1 hour $15 and 2 Hours for $25 during our event.

Quiet Water trips on the Sturgeon River may be available after 3 pm.  This is summerfest weekend however and the waterways are VERY busy. So this means your quiet water trip is not so quiet as it would normally be.

We are all booked for Sturgeon River Trips in the morning and may possibly be able to take reservations for 2 hour trips on the Sturgeon River around 4pm. We appreciate your patience during our Kayak Symposium and Paddle with the Pros Event. Please call Sheree’s cell for information and reservations while we are out of the shop today and set up down at DeVoe Beach on Burt Lake. Thank you!



paddlesports flyer - image

Saturday June 30th see us at the Paddle Palooza Petoskey!

30 Jun

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Petoskey Paddle Palooza!


Arts & Adventure Paddlesports at BrassWind Landing will be at the Paddle Palooza. You and your family and paddling groups are invited to Petoskey Paddle Palooza 2012 sponsored by Great Lakes Eco Adventure Center in Indian River. This event is your perfect opportunity to see and experience product demos of the latest kayaks, paddle boats, canoes and equipment from some of the best shops in Northern Michigan.

June 30th, 2012
Noon to 4 pm
Location: Mouth of the Bear River

Sponsor: Great Lakes Eco Adventure Center

SUP Yoga on PaddleBoards Start Saturday June 16th

13 Jun

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view of yoga on paddleboards - image  What? SUP Yoga classes start this Saturday, June 16th. Where? on Burt Lake, Wind and Weather permitting. for more information please visit our SUP Yoga page on our website click here. Please like is on Facebook at www.facebook.com/yogasup and help spread the word about the Paddleboard Yoga Class. We are thinking of adding a Paddle Fit class during the week or on the alternate Saturdays so please let us know if you are interested!

Don’t forget to find our regular facebook too! Thanks!

fine Arts & Adventure Paddlesports on Facebook - linkwww.facebook.com/brasswindlanding

Open House for BrassWind Gallery Saturday!

11 May

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Art Gallery Open House Saturday May 19th

Open house in the new Art Gallery at BrassWind Landing. 5pm to 8pm with light refreshments.

Bronze sculptures fine art paintings, prints and photography. Meet BrassWind Landing owners Sheree and Richard Lincoln. The fine hand crafted wood boats will be on display as well from BrassWind BoatWorks and Mackinaw Watercraft.

newspaper advertisement - image

Christmas in Indian River Parade

10 Dec

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We loaded up some Liquid Logic and Native Watercraft Kayaks along with 2 custom wood boats for the Christmas in Indian River Parade – held the day after Thanskgiving in Indian River. We were in good company; Santa’s Reindeer were there too.

Please think of us when you are Christmas Shopping! We can help you your new kayak you bought as a present for a loved one, right under your tree with free local delivery. We are open by chance or appointment during this first winter season for Arts and Adventure Paddlesports Showroom while we complete our renovations. The showroom is filled with lots of kayaks and accessories to choose from though! Just check out these images from Halloween.

2012 Fall Kayak Sale!

15 Oct

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Great Try it Before you  Buy it Kayak Sale & Demo Day Deals!

What: Kayak Sale & Demo Days 10AM to 5PM with Demo time at Burt Lake from 11AM to 2PM. Meet at BrassWind Landing and we will take you down to the lake to try out the kayaks!


Sunday October 16th, Saturday and Sunday October 22 & 23rd, Saturday and Sunday October 29th & 30th including Monday October 31st just in time for Halloween. Trick or Treat with us!

Special Feature!

Just in! Our paddlesports store is open now, as we put the finishing touches on the drywall and paint.  Friday we took delivery of two beautiful, custom wood strip kayaks built by our friend Allen Deming of Mackinaw Watercraft. These gorgeous heirloom boats are on display now and available for purchase; what a great Christmas gift for someone you love who loves wood boats but does not have time to build one himself.   I will be posting pictures tomorrow – if the sun comes out!

We also have gift certificates for our own Wood Boat Bulding Workshops. BrassWind BoatWorks will be featuring the first custom wood boat build at our Indian River location in January. Reserve now to build your own custom wood boat. Wood Boat Builder, Richard Lincoln, one of the owners at BrassWind Landing will help you build your wood boa with tape seam construction and walk you through all of the steps of building your wood boat including adding the heirloom quality finish that makes them gleam so well in the sun. Visit our BrassWind BoatWorks page for a slide show of the boat building process and to read more about our wood boat classes – click here to read more.

Indian River Biathlon, Cody & Our Inuit 14.5 Top 10

18 Jul

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Cody, River Guide  from Big Bear Adventures raced the Indian River Biathlon in  BrassWind Landing’s sea kayak from Native Watercraft, the  Inuit 14.5. Cody placed in the top 10 and won 2nd place in his 20-30 age group division. Wow!  We got some fabulous photos and I notice later that his shirt said “Pure Adrenaline” on the back… I am sure it helped his fabulous performance. We are very excited that He choose to run the race in one of our sea kayaks.  You can rent this boat for an Indian River Trip or to go kayaking on Burt Lake.  We were excited to be there to watch the race and take most of the photos in this Slide Show. The last few photos are by Indian River Striders Photographer Winnie Johnson.

View more pictures from Winnie Johnson  at the www.indianriverstriders.com website. Race results click here.

Try out a kayak for Free!

15 Jul

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Ever kayak? Now you can try it free? Demo Day at DeVoe Beach this Sunday after the Biathlon.  The 4th annual kayaking and biking biathlon takes place on Burt Lake Sunday Morning from 9am to 11am. BrassWind Landing will be there on the Beach giving free kayak demos on the lake. Try out a Liquid Logic Kayak or a Native Watercraft Kayak. We have the Remix XP 9, Remix XP10, the Marvel, the Inuits, Ultimate Angler, Deuce Coupe, Coupe and more.

River Guide and kayaking instructor Rick Meisterheim will be on hand to help with the Demo trips. Stop by and talk with him about taking Kayak lessons. We have Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced kayaking lesson sessions on Burt Lake and the Indian River. The advanced session will include paddling the Sturgeon River with Rick. Rick is taking reservations now for the next few weeks. Please call us at 231-335-7278 for more information.

Kayak Demo at DeVoe Beach